On Early Rising…

There’s something both peaceful and strengthening about being an early riser. I love being the first up in a house or shared living situation, and while I understand how the isolation and silence would scare certain people and make them uneasy, personally I relish in the brief opportunity before the day begins to spend some time with myself, and set my thoughts straight before assessing the potential of another day.

If there is work of any sort to be completed, you can be guaranteed that my best attention will be given to it before the hours of 9am. Not only am I feeling fresh at the prospect of an entire new 24 hours in which to create and do, but I have the time to do it – the day stretches ahead of me like an open sea, and even if there are clouds or other ships on the horizon to meet later on in the day, my position at the beginning of things gives me just enough space and time in which to plan my actions, and ensure anything that has to be done gets done before coming into contact with them.

Even if the weather isn’t working alongside my body clock, and the rising sun is blocked from view by gloomy clouds and drizzly rain as it is this morning, there is an element of newness and potential to this time of day that excites me. I could make it anything I like, do anything, embark on new challenges and begin new projects that weren’t accessible to me at 11.30pm last night. This writing would not have been possible had I not risen early today. Even though I have no commitments to attend to until much, much later on, here I am still, Ireland AM on mute (just for company) on the TV, laptop open, and cup of coffee balanced precariously atop my latest read. Were I not typing this and contemplating my current situation, I would be reading, and making the most of my heightened pre-9am attention span and energy.

I realise that everyone is different, and that even reading these words will make some people cringe in disagreement as they nurse lunchtime hangovers and wipe away the bleary-eyed weekend sleep-in. And that is totally cool. I’m not trying to push beliefs or judge anything or anyone for doing and knowing what makes them ok. I am merely attempting to assess and come to terms with my own emotions and current situation, personally taking into account my feelings and location, and ultimately just being mindful of how I am right now after rising early and preparing my mind and body for the day to come. It’s now 9.05am. The day is getting on….. Happy Saturday!

2 thoughts on “On Early Rising…

  1. This is what I always tell myself! I used to wake up at 11 or 12 when I was younger but now waking up at 8 or 9 is the norm for me. Usually on weekends I will go for a run or have a soccer game in the morning before the rest of the day hits so I like the feeling of having long hours ahead of me to do the things I want. I’m pretty caught up with my internship on weekdays but that’s going to end in two weeks so I’ll be able to devote more time to doing other stuff when I wake up early 🙂 More importantly, I think waking up early without an alarm is the optimal situation. I find that alarm clocks make me more tired as compared to waking up on my own. I could be awoken at 8 by the clock or my body but I definitely will be fresher when it’s by the latter. It’s probably a sign to show that my body is sufficiently rested and is ready for the day ahead!


  2. I feel good when I wake up early and get a headstart on the day, but no matter how much I want it, after a few days I’m always back to night-owl mode (my natural inner “day” cycle has 25-26 hours somehow). What I sort of enjoyed was seeing mornings from the other side when I was writing my thesis – I went to sleep around sunrise, and it was sort of calming, with a few almost meditative minutes of indoor gardening and/or watching the sunrise before heading to bed.


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