“You’re Grounded”

‘You’re (very) Grounded’

“Wherever you are, be all there.”

Gone are the days when being ‘grounded’ meant being punished or told what to do. For me, now, there is nothing more important than remaining stable within my own body and mind, and maintaining that connection and awareness with the ground beneath my own two feet.
It’s not something that people generally think to take into account regularly, yet when you do, the mental and emotional benefits are so reassuring. I am here, in this moment, typing what you’re reading right now. For the time being, this is me.
I’ve just finished a morning yoga session, having previously consumed a small cup of coffee. The combination of these two things made for a peace and sense of self far stronger and more empowering than any temporary buzz or high available from the excess consumption of a substance, be it food or alcohol. This is me, this is the real person within this body, touching the mat at three main physical points, aware of the weight of my hands, knees, and elbows on the mat. Aware of my space, and of the fact that I occupy it.
The fact that I was grounded meant not that I was stuck in one place, but that I was aware of being in that one place, and of my potential to be in any one of the endless places accessible to me at that time.
It’s a far cry from being told to stay in my room on the weekend and banned from the computer and television. The freedom that comes from realising one’s own mobility and potential is remarkable. It’s a freedom I never thought would be possible, and is liberating in the sense that not only do I know that I can go anywhere I want, but the availability and accessibility of the world has also become clearer.
Maybe the confines of being restricted to stay in one place indoors will not seem so bad if I consider them in terms of being physically grounded, as opposed to the mental guilt-trip of parents telling you you can’t do something. I don’t know. But here’s to constantly moving forward, and being always present in the place where I find my body.

“Cíbe áit ina bhfuil tú, is ann atá tú”.

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