‘I Am Art’ – Celebrating Individual Beauty in Amsterdam

Picture-perfect jigsaw puzzle houses. Rows upon rows of colourful bicycles and red-brick buildings overlooking symmetrical streets, hidden parklands, and highly functioning road networks. Amsterdam is a beautiful city.

Every corner hides some kind of unassuming little work of art. It got me thinking about how we ourselves are each individual works of art, the product and end result of much processing of the experiences had and people we’ve met.

Roaming around galleries as underappreciated works of art ourselves, our bodies, our minds, all interact with pieces created to reflect the visions of others. Everything we produce, the relationships we cultivate, the words we form, the meals and practices we create and engage in are expressions of our unique creativity and potential for greatness. Of our capacity to contribute positivity and growth to the world around us.

Sometimes it takes being surrounded by it to recognise the tiny details for what they are, and for their ever-present beauty. Even in the minus-temperatures and bustling city-life many of us face from day to day, the little details are always there. It’s easy to ignore them and glance over their minuteness , but it’s nice every now and then to stop and appreciate the little things that together combine to make a whole.

Each little brick, freckle, leaf, blade of grass or crumb – each of these things possess huge importance. Just as each of us possess great power. In crowded cities and places, this often gets forgotten.

Yet here we are, a neglected gallery of beautiful and unique souls moving too fast and too anxiously; too caught up in tiny flaws to appreciate our own beauty. People pay good money (at least €17 per museum in Amsterdam!) to see the paintings and creative pursuits of others. Yet so rarely do we appreciate our own creative beauty. It comes in many shapes and forms, and through appreciating our own, we can contribute to an overall tapestry of energetic individuality. It seems that the many generations of artists and creative individuals to pass through Amsterdam’s canal-divided streets realised the essence of this. For visitors it’s humbling to observe their talents, and also inspirational to understand our own potential to create such greatness, and to humbly provide future generations with a basis to discover their own. Individual beauty is here and now, with you, with me, and within everything we’ve come to understand as reality. It doesn’t always have to be extreme, excessive or intense to manifest as beauty. Subtle beauty is the most sustainable, the most balanced, and the most universally shared experience we can hope to have in this world, and through travelling and engaging with new people and places, it’s nice to be reminded of it’s ever-present and reliable qualities.

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