5 Amazing Places to Practice Yoga in Bali

5 Amazing Places to Practice Yoga in Bali – Upward Facing Blog

Whether it’s a spiritual awakening you’re seeking or simply a place to tune into your body again after a hectic stint of travelling, it’s no secret that yoga in Bali is huge. The tiny island is home to some of the most amazing studios and locations to practice yoga. We’ve compiled a short list (in no particular order!) of just some of the delights yogis simply must experience during a trip to Bali..


  1. Serenity Eco-Guesthouse and Lodge (Canggu)


Serenity Eco-Guesthouse and Lodge is an absolute haven for the travelling yogi and surfer alike. Literally 100 metres short stroll from Batu Bolong Beach, you can surf, do yoga, chill by the pool, receive any number of their holistic massages and treatments, all whilst nourishing your body and eating spectacularly healthy food at’Alkaline Restaurant’, the motto of which is “Let thy food be thy medicine’.wp-1484299845506.jpg

Speaks for itself, really. With a vast yoga timetable spanning from Mysore, Yoga for Surfers, Acro Yoga and Gentle evening Yin and Meditation, the options are endless whether you choose to stay here or not. Drop-in rates and class passes are available, as well as bike/scooter rental and extremely friendly and helpful staff and teachers to answer any queries you may have about getting around or which yoga style might suit you best.

Serenity: Website/Facebook/ Instagram/ TripAdvisor


2. Samadi (Canggu)


Another Canggu gem, Samadi Bali also provides daily yoga classes, access to spa treatments, meditations, workshops, facilitation of trainings and retreats, rooms, and it’s own yummy café/restaurant serving healthy eats and tasty treats.  The weekly Sunday market here is extremely popular with local expats and business owners alike, as residents of the ‘gu’ can stock up on fresh produce and the latest trends! Samadi yoga in Bali regularly hosts yoga and meditation workshops focusing on varying themes and with guest teachers too, so it’s worth keeping an eye on their schedule during your visit!

Samadi: Website/Facebook/Instagram/TripAdvisor


3. Yoga Barn (Ubud)


Possibly the most well-known studio for yoga in Bali, certainly in Ubud anyway, The Yoga Barn is exactly what you’d imagine if “Eat. Pray. Love” had been set in a one place. A paradise for the travelling yogi and spiritual seeker, Yoga Barn boasts one of the most hectic yoga schedules I’ve ever laid eyes on, but the enormous space and numerous high-capacity studios in and around the complex along with the juice bar, garden kafé, restaurant and various chillout areas mean you could actually spend entire days here in complete bliss and solitude from the outside world.

12387943_10153236534143483_506802543_n They’re constantly adding to and changing the existing timetable and layouts too, so you wouldn’t even get bored! Yoga Barn also host Yoga Teacher Trainings and retreats, and while it’s possible to stay within the complex, it may prove cheaper (and a bit less intense!) to get accommodation nearby in Ubud.

Yoga Barn: Website/Facebook/Instagram/Trip Advisor


4. The Power of Now Oasis (Sanur)

(Pic via TravelWithJane)

This is one of those places that enticed me purely on its external appearance and the promise of extreme proximity to the beach, having been shown a picture of the beautiful bamboo yogashala by a traveller-friend in Sri Lanka. The Power of Now Oasis in Sanur on the South Coast of Bali is one of the leading facilitators of yoga and meditation retreats, trainings, and holistic therapy treatments on the island, and one glance at the website will have you drooling over the stunning design and apparent perfection of each little blade of grass….it’s beautiful, really.
Between a daily yoga and meditation schedule, teacher trainings, retreats, and the local touch of colour and daily offerings, there’s always a peaceful, friendly, and positive vibe to be felt here.

The Power of Now Oasis: Website/Facebook/Instagram/Trip Advisor


wp-1484299845507.jpgAandd it’s back to Canggu we go! Last but certainly not least on this brief list of havens of yoga in Bali is one of my favourite corners of the world – The Practice in Canggu. This relatively new studio (they opened their doors in early 2016) has achieved an astonishing amount of success in the short time they’ve been facilitating their classes, workshops, retreats and trainings in the locality of Canggu.


Octavio Salvado and his team provide concise, effective, and deep-reaching classes focusing mainly on Hatha Yoga and the varying elements of Sun, Moon and Fire, each class focusing on one particular element and delving into the unique properties of the practice associated with it. Their motto of ‘On and off the mat’ aims to promote yoga as a lifestyle and not just a daily physical routine. The 7am flow was a staple for me during my time in Canggu, and I honestly could not have asked for a more friendly or peaceful environment in which to start my day! Weekly Kirtan sessions are also a highlight for those interested in music and harmony. Keep an eye on their website for details on workshops, new trainings, and a new Online Yoga programme which helps those abroad keep in touch with their Practice even when they can’t be in Bali!

The Practice: Website/ Facebook/Instagram/ Trip Advisor

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